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"Las Tres Islas" (The 3 Island Challenge) is one of the best established and most innovative sports endurance events held annually in the Canary Islands. This new form of quadrathlon adapts the traditional form of triathlon to a more extreme, exciting event specifically tailored to suit the Canary Islands´ natural conditions.

The race starts in the morning when the competitors have to swim the two kilometres that separate the beaches of Famara and Calete de Sebo. They then have to climb a nearby cliff, a climb of more than 2 kilometres in length. After the climb, it's time to run to their bicycles and cover more than 65 kilometres that will take them towards the coastal port of Playa Blanca, and from there the 10 kilometres swim towards the island of Fuerteventura.

WHO: Seasoned multi-sports athletes compete alongside corporate teams and groups or individuals who have set themselves the goal of doing their best in one or more of the disciplines.

WHAT: Superb challenge - crossing 3 islands in one day – using nothing more than their own physical power.. Consisting of a 2km swim, 2 km steep cliff climb, 72km cycle and finally a 10km sail or kayak.

WHEN: May 31, 2008. It begins early in the morning.

WHERE: Shores of La Graciosa island


Patrocinio para la colaboración con fines benéficos.


Starting from the shores of La Graciosa island, moving on to travel the length of Lanzarote and finishing in Corralejo (Fuerteventura). The event's unique format allows competitors to enter as:

Solo: completing all 4 stages solo i.e. not sharing a tandem bike and not sharing a craft on the last stage, the sea crossing.

Individuals: completing all four stages, the bike stage can be completed on a tandem and the last stage can be completed on shared crafts for example sailing dinghy, yachts or a two man kayak, etc...

Team: of 2, 3 or 4 people competing relay-style (or 5 people if more than 1 person is needed for the last stage, the sea crossing to Fuerteventura).

Stage 1 : 2km Swim

Competitors will assemble early morning in the harbour of La Graciosa to start the swim to the Playa del Risco beach at the bottom of Mirador del Rio cliffs, some 2km east. Support boats and safety crews will be on stand-by to direct swimmers and offer aid. On arrival at the beach, competitors will be directed to their pre-deposited kit bags, to dry off and put on shoes and dry clothes for the next stage of the event. Teams competing in relay-style will pass on to their next team member. From here, competitors will make their way towards the foot of the cliff path and the starting point of stage 2.

Stage 2 : 2 km Cliff climb

The well-trodden path up the cliff is some 2km in length, and 650m in height from top to bottom. Cliff spotters and helpers will be located at key points along the path, directing competitors and providing valuable water-stops. On arrival at the top of the cliff path, competitors will be directed towards the nearby bicycle station, where relay-teams will pass on to their next team member before setting off on stage 3.

Stage 3 : 72 km Bicycle Ride

Starting from the road near to the top of the cliff path (about 2km from Mirador del Rio), the cyclists will set off south towards their ultimate destination, Playa Blanca. The route takes the competitors through some of the most stunning parts of Lanzarote. Dropping down past Guinate and into Maguez, the cyclists' battle up some small hills before arriving in Haría, and start the steady road climb up "Curvas del Malpaso" towards the "Mirador del Haría" restaurant. From there they will continue along the long sweeping road downhill towards Teguise, and then up towards "Monumento al Campesino", the geographical centre of Lanzarote - in San Bartolomé. Passing along the recently re-surfaced roads of La Geria and onto the island's beautiful wine-growing regions of El Grifo, the cyclists will then turn left up and over the hill into La Asomada, and then onto Yaiza. From here they continue along the last part of the cycle along the quiet old main road towards Playa Blanca. Arriving in Playa Blanca, cyclists head towards the beach, and the start of stage 4. Water stops and roadside teams will be positioned along the entire cycle route to provide competitors with refreshment and shade if needed. Direction signs will also be clearly in place to ensure all cyclists complete the same route without complication or confusion.

Stage 4 : 10km Watercraft crossing

The cut-off time to finish the cycle will be 45 mins before the start of the sail, allowing the slowest competitors a chance to relax and prepare for the final stage of the event. This stage takes the competitors across the short stretch of Atlantic Ocean between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, some 10km south of Playa Blanca. Everybody will set off together, in the watercraft of their choosing – windsurfer, Hobie Catamaran, kitesurf - anything without a motor! Once all competitors and safety crew are safely moored-up in Corralejo, Las Tres Islas 2008 party begins!!!

  • Las Tres Islas, Lanzarote
  • Las Tres Islas, Lanzarote
  • Las Tres Islas, Lanzarote
  • Las Tres Islas, Lanzarote
  • Las Tres Islas, Lanzarote
  • Las Tres Islas, Lanzarote


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