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Music Marathon FestivalWelcome to the Music Marathon Festival Lanzarote 30th of October 2010

This is an invitation to everyone; young, old, handicapped or not who likes to run, jog, rollerblade, race in a wheelchair or walk while being entertained by the best bands of the island along the beautiful Avenida de las Playas in Puerto del Carmen.

The Music Marathon Festival Lanzarote is a social street event featuring a 1/2 Marthon, 1/4 Marathon, 1/8 Marathon and a 1 mile and 1/2 mile race for the kids, a Sport, Health & Fitness Expo, Music Bands on the race course and a Finish Line Festival with live bands entertaing you and your family.

Come and join this exciting afternoon and evening in Puerto del Carmen!

This event will give the runners, families, spectators, sponsors, volunteers, the organisation a new exciting experience.

We are transforming the Avenida de Las Playas in to a street party with music bands, there will perform when you are walking or running.

The big Finish Line Festival and concert will be at the Start/Finish line in front of Apartments Los Cocoteros, Avenida de las Playas 16, Puerto del Carmen and is open for all.

  • Music has positive effects on runners.
  • Music makes spectators pulse quicken.
  • Music attracts crowds into the streets.
  • Music connects us regardless of how different we are.

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Music Marathon Festival

The course

The Start/Finish is located in front of Apartments Los Cocoteros, Avenida de las Playas 16, Puerto del Carmen.

The run course will take the runners to the Avenida de Las Playas and straight to the turn point at the Hotel San Antonio and back to the Start/Finish line and to the second turn point in front of Hotel Fariones before crossing the finish line or continuing the next loop.


You can choose from the following distances and modalities - there is a race for everybody!

  • Kids from age 4 to 9 years 1/2 a mile (800 m).
  • Kids from age 10 to 16 years 1 mile.
  • Wheelchairs race: 1 loop total 5,275K.
  • Walkers: 1 loop total 5,275K.
  • Inline skaters: 1 loop total 5,275K
  • 1/8 Marathon: 1 loops total 5,275 K
  • 1/4 Marathon: 2 loops total 10,550K, + 16 years.
  • 1/2 Marathon: 4 loops total 21,100K, + 18 years.

13:00 DJ music and speaker start in the start area.

13:00 Sport Health & Fitness Expo open.

14:45 Race start Kids skaters 800m + 1 mile.

15:10 Race start Kids from 4 to 9 years run 800metre, parents can run with there child, police in front.

15:15 Race start Kids from 10 to 16 years run a mile, police in front.

15:30 Race start 1/2 Marathon, 1/4 Marathon, 1/8 Marathon (Run, inline skates, wheelchair, jog or walk), police in front.

17:00 Awards for Wheelchair and Inline skaters.

17.30 Awards for the 1/4 Marathon.

18.15 Awards for the 1/2 Marathon.

18.30 Concert with special band.

Finish Line Festival

Music, Food and Fun are at the heart of the Finish Line Festival, where spectators join with runners in a rousing celebration of the considerable accomplishment that comes with completing the Music Marathon Race.

So you've done the hard work, now it's time to celebrate!

After you cross the finish line, stick around for the popular Finish Line Festival, a rollicking carnival of music, food and fun, where spectators join with runners to celebrate the great acheivement of the runners.

The organisation reserves the right to change the timetable.


Top Time Canarias will be responsible for the timing and therefore use ChampionChip technology:

  • You will get your chip in a numbered envelope.
  • During the race the chip must be attached to your shoe.
  • All runners must return their Music Marathon Festival Champion Chips after the race. Or you will be charged 50€.
  • Chips cannot be used for personal use.
  • Your time is recorded from the start to the finish line.
  • This net time will be used in the result lists for all runners except the elite runners.
  • The total time of each runner can be found in the result lists.
  • After the race you must return your Champion Chip at the finish line

Time Limit

The time limit for the race is 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Music Marathon Festival 1
  • Music Marathon Festival 2
  • Music Marathon Festival 3

Medical aid & Aid station

Full medical service is available during and after the race. A doctor will be located in the Start/Finish area and there will also be first aid assistance on the race course.

There is 1 Aid station on the run course. You pass it twice per loop and there will be water, energy drinks and fruit


Before the race

Sign up for the race in good time, and when your decision is taken, you will get a better day.

Start your training early, so you can enjoy the event to the full.

Join the pre race training on the run course.

On the race day

Be at the start in good time and feel the Music Marathon Festival spirit.

Start number must be fully visible and placed on front of the body, not folded.

Remember to have the start number tag on you private bag, so we can give it back to the right person.

Bring warm to use after the event. There will be showers available at the Centro Deportivo Fariones.

Place yourself at the Start line according to your experience. The fastest in front, the slowest in back.

Keep always to the right hand side of the roads as the road is quite narrow.

At the start everybody is racing on the Avenida de las Playas towards the turpoint at Hotel San Antonio.

If you drop out of the race, please report it to the Aid station or the Information tent in the Start/Finish area.

Runners who drop out are responsible for returning their ChampionChip to a race official in the Information tent.

Public toilets are located on the beach by the Start/Finis area and at the turning point.

IPods and similar electronic devices are prohibited.

Follow the advice for police and our marshals.

Keep the road clean, through the used water cup in the aid stations bins.

Bring along your family to enjoy a great Music Marathon Festival.

Remember to run and enjoy the event, salute the bands, your friends and volunteers.

Have a safe race!

Veteran event organiser Kenneth Gasque has teamed up with a number of professionals on the island of Lanzarote to organise this great community event.

Registration and race number pick up:

Monday 25/10 to Thursday 28/10 from 10:00 - 18:00 and Friday 29/10 from 10:00 - 20:00 in the FUN SUN Shop, CC. Los Arcos, Avenida de las Playas, Puerto del Carmen.

All the information about Music Marathon Festival on


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