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The Submarine
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Submarine Safaris

Marina de Puerto Calero, Módulo C. Local 2
35570 Yaiza.
Lanzarote (España)
Tel: +34 928.512.898
Fax: +34 928.512.906
Submarine Safaris, Lanzarote Facts About the YELLOW SUBMARINE - 'SUB FUN TRES'

The submarine was designed and built in Finland, and is Spanish registered.

The size is 18.5m long, 4m wide and 6.5m high with a total weight of 106 tonnes.

Maximum operating depth is 60m.

Capacity - 48 passengers and crew.

Viewing - 22 large viewports (800mm diameter), 11 on each side, plus 2 larger viewports each end (1600mm diameter).

Propulsion: 6x15 k/watts electric motors providing the submarine with three-way mobility.

Safety Features: All systems are duplicated for added safety.

Surface control boat maintains constant contact with the submarine throughout the dive.

For further information please contact: Submarine Safaris SL.