El Jablillo Beach is a charming cove on the coast of Teguise, a kind of natural pool under the shelter of a breakwater and volcanic rock.

Its calm, crystal clear and shallow waters make it perfect for a day with children or for diving or snorkeling, some of the most common activities.

It barely has 150 meters in length but it does not lack amenities, in addition to being surrounded by a tourist area with hotels, restaurants, shops and all kinds of services.

Where is El Jablillo Beach?

El Jablillo Beach is located in Costa Teguise, east of Lanzarote. It is an area protected from wind and tides naturally by a breakwater.

It is located in a semi-urban enclave, close to the shops and cafes of the promenade.

Playa El Jablillo
Playa El Jablillo
Playa El Jablillo
Playa El Jablillo

Characteristics of El Jablillo Beach

El Jablillo
Connection with public transport
Gold / White
Occupancy rate
It has waves
Calm waters
Family oriented
150 meters

El Jablillo Beach, in Costa Teguise (Lanzarote), is a small cove, considered almost like a natural pool, with white sand and crystal-clear waters, ideal for underwater photography.

It is a beach of great beauty with a very pleasant promenade to walk along.

How to get to El Jablillo Beach?

Frequently asked questions:

Does it have a connection with public transport?

Yes. There is a bus stop very close.

Is this beach windy?

Yes. But it is naturally protected from the wind by a breakwater.

What kind of sand does it have?

El Jablillo Beach in Costa Teguise has a fine golden/white sand, which contrasts with a certain rocky areas in the access to the water.

Is this beach very crowded?

The beach of El Jablillo Beach is one of the favorites of tourists who visit Costa Teguise, hence in high season it is usually quite crowded.

Does this beach have many waves?

No. They are calm and shallow waters, turquoise, because the breakwater acts as a natural barrier against the wind.

Is this beach recommended for families?

It is highly advisable. It is very collected and that means that families can keep an eye on the children at all times so that they can play at their own pace

What sports can be done on this beach?

Diving, snorkeling and underwater photography are the favorite activities of visitors to this beach because it has transparent waters and a great wealth of fish.

Can I park there?

Yes. There are quite a few parking spaces very close by.

Do you have showers?

Yes. It has showers and all kinds of services nearby.

Does this beach have a lifeguard?

Yes. On this beach there are lifeguards every day of the year.

Is this beach wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The beach has ramps and walkways, so there is accessibility for the whole family.

Does this beach allow pets?

No. Pets are not allowed on this beach.

The weather in Playa El Jablillo

El Jablillo is a beach with a warm climate, although it is cooled by the sea breeze throughout the year.

The average sea temperature is around 20ºC, reaching its maximum in September and its minimum in February.

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