Caleta Famara

Caleta Famara, named after the former queen of Lanzarote, is the perfect combination between beach, dunes and rural village where you can enjoy excellent fish cooked in a traditional style. Its visit is a must due to the beauty of its enclave, right in the middle of the Chinijo Natural Park.

Where is Caleta Famara?

Caleta de Famara, also known as La Caleta, is a town that belongs to the municipality of Teguise, in Lanzarote. Caleta de Famara is at the southern end of Famara Beach, located right at the foot of the famous Risco de Famara, on the western coast of the municipality.


What to see in Caleta Famara?

La Caleta is one of the places in Lanzarote preferred by both locals and tourists. Not only does it offer beauty and personality, Caleta de Famara offers a wide variety of options to eat, see and visit:

  • Famara Beach: La Caleta beach is an immense stretch of white sand where you can enjoy the tranquility or, if you want, the great adrenaline that the sea can provide. Caleta de Famara has become one of the most popular places on the island, partly due to the good wave conditions it offers to lovers of water sports such as surfing or kitesurfing. If not, you can walk along the long beach of Famara and enjoy that particular light that always envelops this long stretch of white sand located under the Risco de Famara.
  • Risco de Famara: this mountainous massif is the highest peak on the island of Lanzarote, the perfect place for lovers of the mountains, hiking and trekking. There you can enjoy the Mirador del Río or other wonderful points from which to contemplate the island almost completely.
  • Famara Town: Of course, you cannot miss the small town of Famara. Be impressed by its corners, its people and its personality. Its sandy streets and low white houses make it the perfect environment to find calm and relaxation.


Surf in Caleta Famara


Enjoy in Caleta Famara


The best food in Caleta Famara

Caleta de Famara, like other parts of the island, is a historic fishing area so it has excellent fresh fish every day. Therefore, in any of its restaurants or bars you can taste it in the purest traditional style. In almost any place in La Caleta you can eat the best bites with unbeatable views of the sea.

Shopping in Caleta Famara

La Caleta de Famara is a small town by the sea. In its streets you can find small shops where you can buy a souvenir, article or handicraft. However, if you are looking for large shopping areas, you should go to the large cities of the island. In Caleta de Famara you will also find small supermarkets where you can buy any food, hygiene or personal care product you need.


The weather in Caleta Famara

The climate in Caleta de Famara is usually dry and with little rainfall. In general, the temperature is always pleasant, being around 20ºC the average temperature in May, the best month to visit the town in terms of temperature. The wind can be strong, thus causing a constant swell in the sea.

Festivities in Caleta Famara

The Festivities of the Sacred Heart of Mary are the most important in Caleta de Famara and one of the most anticipated in Lanzarote. Thus, every summer, at the end of August, the Famara festivities begin, a unique moment in which the town receives the visit of thousands of visitors.

How to get to Caleta Famara?






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