Femés is one of the oldest towns in Lanzarote. It belongs to the municipality of Yaiza and has just two hundred inhabitants.

It is an inland town, known for its cheeses, as it has long history of rearing goats.

For many years, it was the largest populated town in the south of Lanzarote, but it lost many of its inhabitants as well as its independence as a municipality in 1953.

Where is Femés?

Femés is in the south of Lanzarote, at around 300m above sea level.

It is located between the volcanic summit of Atalaya de las Mujeres and the massif of Los Ajaches, the oldest mountain in Los Ajaches, around seven million years old.

What to see in Femés?

The whitewashed houses in Femés and its numerous palm trees are a great tourist attraction, as well as its dry landscape and the incredible surrounding nature.

It is a charming little village with its most important site being the Chapel of San Marcial del Rubicón, which was previously a cathedral until it was destroyed by British buccaneers in the 16th Century. Legend has it that Femés used to be a pirate hideout.

The plaza by the chapel and the Femés viewpoint are also notable tourist sites in this little town.

Due to its altitude, Femés also offers impressive panoramic views over Playa Blanca.


The best food in Femés

In Femés, you have to try the cheese, in all its variations. Especially appetising are its smoked cheeses or its semi-mature ones.

And these cannot be enjoyed without a good glass of local wine.

Another traditional delicacy is enyesques, a fish tapa which goes perfectly with a glass of wine.

You can also enjoy a Canary Island stew, fresh fish with papas arrugadas y mojo, or rabbit casserole. And don’t forget dessert: a Canary Island style bienmesabe.

Shopping in Femés

In Femés, the main industry has been farming for centuries. So you cannot leave without buying some of their delicious goat’s cheeses.

But there are also other local harvests such as potatoes, tomatoes, and wine grapes.


Climate in Femés

Femés, located in the south of the island, enjoys one of the best climates on the island. It has mild temperatures and pleasant weather conditions all year round.

Local fiestas in Femés

The residents of Femés have a special connection with their patron saint, San Marcial de Limoges, who they celebrate at their largest fiesta on 7th July.

The procession of the Virgen del Rosario in October is also very important here.


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