Guatiza is an area of Lanzarote that belongs to the municipality of Teguise. This agricultural town of just over 800 inhabitants was very prosperous throughout the 19th century thanks to its fields full of prickly pears or napoles (local cacti). Curiously, prickly pears were not cultivated for their fruits, but for the parasites that invaded the plant, the so-called cochineals. These small parasites were and still are used for the production of carmine, a highly valued natural dye. Its production has declined in recent years due to the massive production of this product in other locations. However, you can still see these beautiful prickly pear fields in Guatiza.

Today, the town attracts many tourists for a variety of reasons, including the popular Cactus Garden, which we will discuss below.

Where is Guatiza?

Guatiza is located in the northeast of Lanzarote. In the past, the village was located at the foot of the Genia mountain, just where the cemetery and the Santa Margarita Chapel are today. This settlement was very vulnerable to pirates, as it could be spotted from the ocean. After suffering numerous lootings, the people of Guatiza decided to move to the present location, 2 kilometres from the coast and behind the mountains, to avoid the pirates.

The village is established on a plain of fertile land, a product of the magma spilled by the volcanoes that surround the municipality. Tinamala, La Caldera, Guenia and Las Calderetas are such volcanoes.


What to see in Guatiza

Guatiza attracts quite a lot of tourists. If you are visiting, don’t miss the following destinations:

Places of interest in the village

The village itself is a tourist attraction. You can enjoy its streets surrounded by dry stone walls that separate the houses from the numerous cactus campuses. On the avenue, you can contemplate the tall eucalyptus trees that line up along the road. We recommend a visit to the Santo Gusto church, in the Canarian style, with its impeccable white façade and the beautiful images inside.

Undoubtedly, one of Guatiza’s main tourist attractions is the Cactus Garden, considered one of the seven centres of Art, Culture and Tourism in Lanzarote.

This botanical garden created by the artist Cesar Manrique, among others, has an extension of 5000 square metres where no less than 9700 plants live, of which 1420 are cactus species. Founded in 1990, it is without doubt a unique place worth visiting.

Other places of interest

Visit the Tinamala Volcano Quarry: A magical corner hidden at the entrance to Guatiza. The Tinamala quarries stand out for their formations, which remind us of the Egyptian pyramids, and for their reddish colour of volcanic tuff. Undoubtedly, a place to take your camera with you.

Enjoy La Cueva del agua: A natural volcanic formation that connects with the sea. You will find it to the north of the urbanisation of Los Cocoteros in the direction of Charco del Palo. It stands out for the clean, blue water inside, which, together with good sea conditions, will allow you to enjoy a pleasant swim. However, when the sea is rough, you have to be very careful, as bathing is very dangerous. In the latter case, when the waves are rough, you can enjoy a natural spectacle from the outside.

Gastronomy and accommodation

La Tasca de Lita and La Arepera are the most prominent and well-known restaurants.

If you want to stay, you have plenty of Airbnb options both in the town and in the surrounding area. We highlight the Casa Buen Retiro or Chalet Buen Retiro to rest and enjoy a total disconnection.

Enjoy in Guatiza



The best food in Guatiza

Guatiza has a cuisine that respects the island tradition. It can be enjoyed in places like La Tasca de Lita and La Arepera, restaurants with good ratings. Meat lovers will also enjoy SmokeHouse La Cueva del Carnero, which specializes in pulled pork.


Shopping in Guatiza

Guatiza has a range of basic services to enjoy a stay without having to travel to other municipalities for supplies. You can find a supermarket on the main road. There is also a bazaar where you can buy basic necessities.

Climate in Guatiza

Guatiza has temperate weather that allows you to visit at any time of the year, although it is best to visit between May and September, when the average temperature ranges between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius. As for rainfall, the month with the highest rainfall is October. The climate, like the rest of the island, is arid.

Local fests in Guatiza

Guatiza has two main celebrations and both take place in the middle of summer. The celebrations in honor of Santa Margarita begin in mid-July, with an extensive program of events. The festivities of Cristo de las Aguas are held in mid September to close the summer. 

How to get to Guatiza






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