To visit Guinate is to enjoy breathtaking views of the northern part of Lanzarote. The routes of this small hamlet are unique, passing through some of the highest points of the island. From the viewpoint of Guinate you can see the island of La Graciosa in all its beauty.

Where is Guinate?

Guinate is a small town located in the north of Lanzarote, just a few kilometres away from Haría, the capital of the municipality of Haría and just 8 kilometres away from the municipality’s coastal towns.

What to see in Máguez?

  • The Mirador de Guinate route is without doubt one of the best activities to do in Haría. At the top of Risco de Famara, there is a perfect spot to see the Chinijo Archipelago in all its glory. It is a window to the Atlantic Ocean, where only those lucky enough to visit the island can enjoy the views.
  • Mirador del Río: Located at one of the highest parts on the island (at around 400 m), the Mirador del Río is one of most impressive works created by the artist César Manrique. It is part of a set of touristic centres created by the artist and there you can take in the best view of the Chinijo Archipelago and El Río, a narrow stretch of water which separates Lanzarote from La Graciosa and the rest of the islets. This building is a clear example of the synergy between the architecture and nature that symbolises the island, as its volcanic walls and the Aeonium will make you feel as if you were at the Risco de Famara taking in the views of the landscape.

The best food in Guinate

The café at the Mirador del Río is a wonderful place to try some of the island’s best wines or enjoy an aperitif with views over the Chinijo Archipelago. 

Shopping in Guinate

If you want a memento from your visit to Guinate you can find some lovely souvenirs at the shop at the Mirador del Río.

Climate in Guinate

Due to the geographic location of Guinate, in the north of the island, the winds help to make the temperatures considerably cooler. The average temperature ranges from 15 – 27ºC, falling even lower in winter to below 10ºC at times.

Local fiestas in Guinate

The café at the Mirador del Río is a wonderful place to try some of the island’s best wines or enjoy an aperitif with views over the Chinijo Archipelago.

How to get to Guinate

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Spearfishing in Lanzarote: zones, standards, requirements and more

Spearfishing allows you to get in full contact with the marine ecosystem. It is a unique activity but it also involves a physical effort and a selective practice to be able to do it. In places like Lanzarote underwater fishing is very practiced, andit is a place with great diversity and abundance of marine fauna. However, the island has delimited areas for spearfishing. 



Everything you need to know about César Manrique

His great passion for nature made his works stand out, among many other reasons, for that characteristic way of Creating Art in tune with the environment. And although Lanzarote is one of the places with the largest number of works by César Manrique, we can find works by the artist throughout the Canary Islands. 


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