La Geria

La Geria is a unique part of Lanzarote with an abundance of grapevines.

With its volcanic landscape and dry land, the quality of it mixes and white wines may surprise some.

It is not common to see vineyards in terrains such as these, which is why it is a protected area of Lanzarote.

It is also a popular tourist attraction, as visitors are amazed by the contrast between the black soil and the green vines. How can they grow somewhere like this?

Where is La Geria?

La Geria is known as the Lanzarote Wine Route and is located in the southeast of the island, in the municipality of Yaiza.

This area borders the east of the Timanfaya National Park, a natural protected area of over 5,200 hectares.

What to see at La Geria

La Geria is essentially a funnel that is several metres deep, going down into the volcanic soil. The grapevines are planted in the middle and the sides protect them from the wind with a natural barrier offered from the rocks.

There are swathes of green, yellow, and black which make up a landscape that led to Lanzarote being declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You have to see it to believe it.

The landscape itself it worth a visit, but you can also enjoy the hiking trails, the bodegas and even discover the Los Naturalistas cave, a 1,600m long cave in which, with care, you can see lots of tiny drops of lava coming from the roof.

Enjoy in La Geria


The best food in La Geria

Just as anywhere else on the island, if you are eating in La Geria it is always best to go for typical Canary Island dishes. In this case you also need to pair these dishes with one of Lanzarote’s delicious white wines.

A wine tour around its bodegas is mandatory if you are visiting this part of the island. We recommend El Grifo Wine Museum, the oldest and most traditional, it is the perfect place to try some of the area’s typical wines and cheeses.

Shopping in La Geria

The most common thing to do in La Geria is to taste and buy wine, and there are plenty of places to do this.

A tour of the bodegas is a great shopping plan if you are visiting this area.


Climate in La Geria

The climate in La Geria is dry but there are some strong trade winds, perfect wine growing conditions.

The temperature is mild throughout the year, as is typical in the Canary Islands.

Local fests in La Geria

In La Geria, the most important fest is for the Virgen de la Caridad, which is celebrated on 14th August to pay homage to those who work on the harvests.

How to get to La Geria






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