La Santa

La Santa is a municipality in Lanzarote belonging to the locality of Tinajo, with a population of under a thousand.

This place is well-known for its waves by surfers, as the area has some incredible surf conditions for almost ten months of the year.

La Santa is a coastal town where professional surfers from all over the world visit.

Where is La Santa?

La Santa is a peaceful coastal town in the north of Tinajo.

Two kilometres away is Ría de la Santa, home to the popular hotel complex La Santa Sport, one of the most comprehensive sports centres in the world.

What to see in La Santa

In addition to fishing, its main economic activity is tourism. La Santa Sport is a high performance sports centre and is also a tourist destination that organises world class competitions.

One of these is Ironman Lanzarote, a hugely important triathlon that takes place on the island featuring elite athletes and international sports media outlets.

Its sport facilities are impressive, as is its 900 metre artificial beach, the Laguna de La Santa, only accessible to La Santa Sport guests, with calm waters and fine sand, the perfect place to learn to windsurf.

You can also enjoy its little jetty and fishing boats for a relaxing family day out.

We also recommend visiting the nearby Montañas de Fuego.

Enjoy in La Santa


The best food in La Santa

In addition to all of the other traditional Canary Island dishes to try when visiting the island, when in La Santa you need to order the fried fish.

The delicious local seafood means you can try some real delicacies in any of the town’s restaurants.


Shopping in La Santa

La Santa is a small, sleepy town, whose main industry is fishing in addition to tourism.

Climate in La Santa

The climate in La Santa, as in the rest of Lanzarote, is dry with mild temperatures throughout the year.

The best time to visit is between May and December, but if you are looking for some good waves to surf (careful, because they are only for professionals), avoid September and October, as the Atlantic’s conditions are less favourable if you want to take your board out.

Local fests in La Santa

The fest of Nuestra Señora del Carmen are the traditional fests celebrated in La Santa over various days around 16th July. The ideal fest for a fishing village.

How to get to La Santa






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