Los Valles

Los Valles is a small agricultural town with around 400 inhabitants belonging to the municipality of Teguise. It was founded by the people of the old village of Santa Catalina, one of the towns which was buried by the volcanic eruption of Montañas de Fuego and Timanfaya. They moved to their new home when the volcanic eruption started in 1730.

The village is noted for its agriculture and its green landscapes which expand out to the valleys surrounding the town. Los Valles is also known as the “pueblo de la patata (papa)”or “potato town” due to its potato production.

Where is Los Valles?

Los Valles is located in the north of Lanzarote, approximately 5km to the northeast of Villa Teguise.

As its name would suggest, this town can be found hidden among the valleys and is surrounded by a range of rocky terrains, such as the Risco de Famara and the Risco de las Nieves. On its hillsides you can see the farming terraces where its produce is grown.

What to see in Los Valles?

Places of interest

  • Los Valles Viewpoint: Without doubt, once of the best places to view the town and its farming terraces. These viewpoints are located to the north of the town.
  • Wind farm: If you head along highway LZ10, you see the wind farm on your right. Visitors are not permitted so you cannot access the farm, but you can marvel at the impressive windmills from afar. Los Valles is a particularly windy area, so you’ll be guaranteed to see a good show.
  • Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves: On top of the highest cliff is Ermita de las Nieves, a small chapel dedicated to the Virgen de las Nieves. This spot has been a pilgrimage site since the fifteenth century. To arrive you just need to follow the highway LZ10 and take a dirt track to reach the top of the cliff. The climate up there is very changeable. You can be in your t-shirt one moment and then need your winter coat the next, as the wind can be very strong, and the clouds easily roll in. Apart from enjoying the beautiful little chapel, the other impressive part of the viewpoint is the cliff itself. At 600m high, you can see some truly impressive views and take in a huge part of the island’s east coast. Another viewpoint close by is La Cueva de las Cabras.


Enjoy in Los Valles


The best food in Los Valles

If you want to enjoy a good Canary Island style party, we recommend you visit the Teleclub de Los Valles. Local and delicious food at a great price. However if you are looking to enjoy a lunch with an unbeatable view and tasty food, you should visit Restaurante Mirador de Los Valles.


Shopping in Los Valles

Apart from the restaurants already mentioned above, there is no commercial area in Los Valles. However, the municipalities of Teguise and Guatiza are close enough to be able to buy what you need without any problems.

Climate in Los Valles

Los Valles offers the usual temperature of the warm Atlantic islands, with temperatures ranging throughout the year between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius. The seasonal rains start in October, although they are not too abundant and do not reduce the average temperature of the area.

Local fests in Los Valles

In November the fests for the town’s patron saint are celebrated, Santa Catalina. Over the course of these fests, Los Valles is a town brimming with life, and its locals and visitors alike have endless fun with dances, food, shows, etc.

How to get to Los Valles?






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