Mala is a charming town which is part of the municipality of Haria. Some historians say that its name is from Lanzarote’s indigenous population and refers to the mountain of Tinamala. The town’s economy is based on farming, mainly cactus production “tuneras”, and cochineal beetle breeding.

Where is Mala?

Mala is located in the north of the island of Lanzarote, together will the villages of Charco del Palo and Guatiza, both around two kilometres away.


What to see in Mala

Mala is a destination that is relatively unknown of by tour operators but is popular among independent travellers, which is another great reason to visit these little hamlets in the north of Lanzarote. Here you can enjoy the peace and hospitality of this small town and wander around the area’s volcanic landscapes.

Places of interest

Some places to visit close to Mala are:

  • Charco del Palo: This town is just two kilometres from Mala and is known for being a nudist resort, with mainly German tourists. If you visit this unique little town, you have to take a dip in its natural pools.
  • Guatiza salt flats: Natural salt flats heading towards Los Cocoteros. Nearby you will find a pool where you can enjoy a quick swim.
  • Mala Dam: Although never in operation, it is still a great site to see. It is easy enough to find at it can be seen from the highway heading from Mala to Guatiza. When the wind is right you can also see paragliders and hang-gliders starting their flights from the dam.
  • Caves by the Mala Dam: For the real adventure seekers! From the dam there is a two kilometre trail where you can find three different artificial caves. “La Catedral”, is the largest and most impressive cave. Don’t forget your camera because this is the perfect spot to take a few snaps.

How to get to Mala





What to see in Lanzarote in a week?

Lanzarote is one of those places where you will feel that you lack time to discover everything that the beautiful island hides: volcanic stone, dream beaches, picturesque villages, natural spaces... everything will seem to be a place to remember.


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