Situated in the north of Lanzarote, Órzola is the opening to the Atlantic Ocean. Famous for its fresh fish and its unspoilt beaches, it is an ideal enclave for lovers of the wildest landscapes. In addition, its small port is the gateway to the Chinijo Archipelago and the hidden treasure: the island of La Graciosa.

Where is Órzola?

Órzola is a small coastal village on the northern tip of the island. Immersed in a beautiful natural environment, Órzola is one of those places that is really worth visiting for its incredible views of the Chinijo Archipelago.


What to see in Órzola?

If there is any place that can be known as the gateway between Lanzarote and La Graciosa, it is Órzola. Due to its strategic position, this small coastal town has been the connection between the two islands for thousands of years. In fact, in Órzola we can find the port that connects Lanzarote with Caleta de Sebo, the village where the boats arrive. The journey takes no more than 40 minutes and the fare is around €15 per person.

However, Órzola is much more than a port of connections, it is a beautiful village where you can enjoy a wide variety of unspoilt beaches such as Caleta del Blanco, Caletón Blanco or Los Caletones. Any of them will be a great option for those who want to enjoy crystal clear waters in small and quiet coves.

If you have extra time, it is worth visiting the Jameos del Agua, in the surroundings of Órzola, about 10 km away. They are a real jewel that expresses itself as the perfect blend of the beauty of nature and the human art. The Jameos del Agua are spectacular natural caves, reformed by César Manrique, that leave no one indifferent. Its geological formations, endemic vegetation and underground lakes make the Jameos del Agua one of the most special areas of Lanzarote.


Enjoy in Órzola



The best food in Órzola?

Órzola is a fishing village, which is why many of its most typical dishes are based on seafood. In Órzola you can enjoy authentic gastronomy based on the sea: limpets with mojo, fresh fish, good side dishes and even grilled seafood.

Shops in Órzola?

In Órzola you will be able to buy basic necessities as the village has supermarkets, small shops and the odd souvenir shop. However, if you’re looking for an afternoon of shopping, it’s best to head to more densely populated areas such as Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen.


The weather in Órzola?

May to December is usually the best time to visit Órzola, as the weather during this period is pleasant with hardly any rainfall. On average, the maximum temperature is around 23ºC in August; the lowest is 18ºC in February

Local Fests in Órzola?

Santa Rosa de Lima is the patron saint of Órzola, known for being the patron saint of florists and dressmakers. The festivity in her name is celebrated at the end of August, starting every year with the verbena of La Pamela. On this special day, the streets of Órzola are decorated and its people can enjoy an extensive festive programme with traditional events, concerts, children’s parties and sporting events.

How to get to Órzola?






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