Playa Honda

Playa Honda’s proximity to both Arrecife and the airport gives this coastal town a special liveliness. The beach offers a wide range of activities perfect for water sports enthusiasts. The residential area next to the sea also contrasts with the bustle of the shopping centre at the entrance to the town centre.

Where is Playa Honda?

Playa Honda is a village in the municipality of San Bartolome which has an immense beach of the same name. Located close to the César Manrique Airport and around 5km from Arrecife, Playa Honda has an enviable location opposite the sea.

This residential area was built up around 40 years ago and is one of the preferred places to live among locals thanks to the amenities it offers and the peace and quiet it has as a residential area.


What to see in Playa Honda

Playa Honda has a wide range of options for those who love the sea: from little hidden spots to find peace and calm to great waters where you can do almost any water sport. It’s two kilometres of golden sand are also the perfect option for those who enjoy long walks along the shore.

The water at Playa Honda is calm and there is usually a constant breeze which is why it is popular among windsurfers. In addition to its long beach, Playa Honda also has several other interesting spots to see which you can discover when wandering around its streets.

ENJOY IN Playa Honda


The best food in Playa Honda

Playa Honda is touristic, but not as much as the other busy towns in Lanzarote. It is mainly residential and in its streets you’ll find plenty of cafés, bars, and small traditional restaurants offering home cooked food. Any of these is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the authentic island flavours.

Shopping in Playa Honda

If you want to shop in Playa Honda, you’re in luck because this town has a huge shopping centre with a range of stores for all tastes. It also offers free parking for the first few hours and does not just have clothes or shoe stores, it also has chemists, opticians, supermarkets, health food shops, gift shops, etc. It also has cafés both outside and inside.


Climate in Playa Honda

The air temperature at Playa Honda can change at different times of the day. Depending on the season, the average high is around 25°C, while the low is usually no less than 15°C.

There is typically a constant breeze, but it is not too strong. It can sometimes be cloudy.

Local fests in Playa Honda

The end of summer fests in Playa Honda are at the end of September, usually around the 20th.

How to get to Playa Honda?







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