At the foot of the Las Campanas mountain, Soo is an ideal location for people who want to visit both the north and the west of the island. It offers a multitude of options to enjoy the area, with great routes through the natural landscapes of the area and especially for birdwatchers.

Where is Soo?

Soo is a town in Teguise, located on the west of the island. It also belongs to the Chinijo Natural Park and is surrounded by the wonderful beaches of Famara and La Santa, a paradise for any surfer.

What to see in Soo?

Soo is a key point on the island for those looking to explore the trails in the Jable National Park. These sandplains made of up marine sediment are unique to the island of Lanzarote, so if you want to take an alternative route through some of Lanzarote’s less well-known landscapes, you should definitely try this path through the Jable de Soo. However, you must take special care with the area’s flora and fauna, as this area is completely protected, classified as a ZEPA zone (Special Protection Area for Wild Birds).

In Soo you can also enjoy wonderful views of the Pico de la Vieja Andrea and the Pico Colorado, spectacular mountains which protect the coastal town. You cannot imagine the sunsets from this part of the island over the ocean, they are magical!


Enjoy in Soo


The best food in Soo

In Soo, just as in the island’s other towns, you have to visit its Teleclub to try some of the island’s traditional dishes and enjoy time with friends and family. Don’t forget to try the hamburgers from Coscofe, tasty and cheap, a great place to eat with unbeatable service.


Shopping in Soo

Soo has some of the island’s most traditional shops, with 100% ecological and local products. The Encarna and Lourdes shops are just some of the so-called oil and salt shops, as they were previously known by the Lanzarote locals. Take a visit if you want to try some authentic products grown in Lanzarote or delights which are only available in the Canary Islands. Due to its proximity to the towns of La Santa and Famara, in Soo you can also find surf shops, selling everything visiting surfers may need to catch some waves on the coast.

Climate in Soo

The temperature in Soo is very mild throughout the year due to its proximity to the sea, although it is quite dry with minimal annual rainfall. The average temperature ranges from a minimum of 16ºC to 28ºC during the summer. During the winter these averages fall to a minimum of 12ºC and a maximum of 26ºC.

Local fests in Soo

Soo celebrates its fest on the shortest and most magical night of the year: San Juan. The town pays homage to its patron saint with a range of activities for both kids and adults, bonfires are also burnt on 23rd June, with a great celebratory atmosphere.

How to get to Soo






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