Lovers of routes through natural landscapes should not miss the opportunity to visit Tao. Its exceptional location allows connections with all the cardinal points of the island, making it a perfect starting point to visit the rest of Lanzarote.

Where is Tao?

Tao is a small town in the middle of the island, belonging to the municipality of Teguise. Due to its altitude, you can see the splendour of the Famara cliff from the town, as well as the towns of Teguise and Nazaret. This has turned it into a hotspot for tourists looking to take prized photos of the wonderful surroundings.


What to do in Tao

  • Tamia Volcano Trail: Tao is a town which was engulfed by lava during a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago. This has made the Tamia volcano incredibly special for the people of the town, as well as those who visit. The wonderful views from its slopes are a huge attraction for people wanting to climb up, especially during the winter, as the slopes are covered in tiny little flowers which are native to the island. You can reach the volcano crater easily, and plenty of people stop for a picnic here or spend the entire afternoon enjoying the nature and tranquillity in a truly unique setting.
  • Visit the Jable de Tao: The Jable de Tao was a source of food and wealth for the residents of this town for several years. There they planted typical island vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkins, beans and lentils. These vast sandplains which are formed of marine sediments have marked trails which are easy to follow either by foot or bike. It is a wonderful opportunity for nature lovers to discover the real soul of the island and to see how islanders made the most of the resources they had available to them in the past in order to survive.


Enjoy in Tao



The best food in Tao

Nobody who visits Tao can leave before heading to its Teleclub to try its famous grilled cheese and its goat stew. El Rubio is the well-known owner of the restaurant, and he will serve you with his unique charm, making you feel right at home. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of his food either.


Shopping in Tao

Due to the small size of Tao, it has no shops. However, you can easily visit the nearby towns of Tiagua or San Bartolome for any items you may need.


Climate in Tao

Due to its altitude in comparison to other nearby towns, Tao’s weather can be more extreme. The minimum temperature in winter can fall to 9ºC with a maximum of 23ºC. In summer the minimum is 16ºC and the maximum can be up to 30ºC.

Local fests in Tao

Tao celebrates the fests of three patron saints: San Andres, San Miguel and most importantly, Santa Rita, who many worshippers visit to honour throughout the year at the Tao Church. In addition to the typical patron saint festivities, such as barbecues, shows, etc. Tao also has a deep-rooted tradition of Canarian Wrestling, with the Club de Lucha Tao being one of the island’s most established clubs.

How to get to Tao






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