With Santa Barbara’s castle watching over, Teguise stands as a point of union between the north and the south of the island. This municipality, which used to be the capital of the island, perfectly preserves the most traditional essence of Lanzarote, which is amply represented in one of its most important festivals, the Carnival.

Where is Teguise?

Teguise, the old capital of the island of Lanzarote, is located in the northern central part of Lanzarote, around 10 km from the central area and 220 m above sea level. It was also the old capital of Lanzarote so is one of the most historically cultural towns on the island.


What to see in Teguise

  • Timple House-Museum: This is a space dedicated to the figures of the Canary Islands’ cultural and musical heritage: the Timple. It is also a place of study and of cultural awareness of the Canary Islands’ traditions.
  • Museo de la Piratería (Museum of Piracy): This is located in the Santa Bárbara Castle, a building which dates back to the 14th Century. In 2011, this castle was turned into a museum telling the history of the Canary Islands. For years it was a fort that defended against countless pirate and privateer invasions.
  • Church and Los Leones Plaza: The Villa de Teguise Church is one of the most important ecclesiastical sites on the island. It is located by the Los Leones Plaza, which is a spectacular space right in the centre of town. It is a symbol to strengthen the cultural and religious heritage of Teguise, as it was the island’s first capital before being changed to Arrecife.



Our recommendations in Teguise


The best food in Teguise

Wandering through its cobbled streets, Teguise is home to countless taverns and bars where you can try local food and typical island dishes. It is without doubt one of the best places to enjoy a glass of wine or an aperitif before trying some of the best Canary Island food.

Shopping in Teguise

One of the best plans for an enjoyable Sunday on the island is to visit the traditional market that is held in the town. The streets are packed full of stalls with local crafts, traditional sweets, etc. On your way to the market you’ll no doubt come across a few musical groups in the streets livening up the morning.

If you would prefer a more laid back experience, why not enjoy a fantastic breakfast or lunch in any of the numerous terrace bars that line the streets or visit Teguise’s shops on any other day of the week, where customer service always comes first.


Climate in Teguise

Due to the northern location of Villa de Teguise, the average temperature is lower than in other touristic parts of the island, with an average of 13 – 26ºC throughout the year. However, the town’s characteristic mist makes it a truly unique place and fills its streets with magic.

Local fiestas in Teguise

The Villa de Teguise carnivals are one of the most anticipated dates of the year. The Los Diabletes ritual has its origins from the Americas and was imported by a Canary Islander immigrant. During Carnival, the Diabletes parade through the streets with their characteristic and gruesome costumes, shouting and scaring children. They are accompanied by a cowbell, as they tell a narrative of a goat and the devil, which is where their name comes from. If you are passionate about pagan festivals like Carnival, this show is for you, and the fun is guaranteed.

How to get to Teguise

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Route of films set in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is not only one of the most attractive tourist destinations for its beaches and spectacular natural landscapes, but these qualities have also made it the scene of major film and television productions. Recently, series such as Foundation (Apple TV) or Welcome to Eden (Netflix) have chosen the island for the recording of their plots but, before, Lanzarote had already hosted other shootings of great impact. Do you want to discover the route of the films shot in Lanzarote?



What does Lanzarote offer in winter?

They say that the best time to visit Lanzarote are the months of April, May, June, September and October. Why? Because there are more hours of light so you can get to know the island better, because the climate is very pleasant and because the prices are cheaper as it is low season. But who says you can't visit Lanzarote in the cold months? There are many reasons for a trip at this time of year. Enjoy Lanzarote in winter!


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