Teseguite is a small municipality in Lanzarote, belonging to the locality of Teguise. Legend has it that this settlement dates back to the 16th Century, when Moorish slaves captured in Africa were sent here, to keep them separate from the residents of Teguise.

The records from the 19th Century speak of just a dozen inhabitants and it was thought that the town would disappear due to lack of Moorish people living there. However, today it is still here, as a sign of peace, where flocks of sheep and goats graze and the island’s traditional architecture is still maintained.

Where is Teseguite?

Teseguite is in the northeast of Lanzarote, just 5km from Teguise, the municipality to which it belongs.

It is also very close to the towns of El Mojón, Los Valles, and Nazaret.


What to see in Teseguite

The most significant tourist site in Teseguite is the San Leandro chapel, which dates back to the 17th Century, and stands in a small, cobbled square.

There are some beautiful views from this spot over the nearby towns of El Mojón and Los Valles.

Another interesting place is La Rofera, close to Barranco de las Piletas, an accumulation of volcanic sands that create a truly unique landscape.

In Teseguite there are various types of traditional houses used for rural tourism on Lanzarote.


Enjoy in Teseguite


The best food in Teseguite

In Teseguite and its surrounding areas you can find different bars and restaurants where you can find traditional Canary Island dishes. We recommend the goat and the sama a la sal as well as the island’s traditional cheeses. You can also find a wide range of tapas that use the area’s local produce.

Shopping in Teseguite

All over this part of Lanzarote you can easily find craft ceramic shops to get yourself a souvenir to take back.


Climate in Teseguite

As with everywhere else on Lanzarote, the climate in Teseguite is dry, meaning that there is very little rainfall throughout the year.

The temperatures are around 20°C, with the maximum average in August of 23°C and a minimum in February of 18°C.

The best time to visit Teguise is between May and December, which is when there is least rainfall, and the temperatures are milder.

Local fests in Teseguite

The main fests celebrated in Teseguite are those celebrated in honour of San Leandro, the patron saint, these are held between February and March each year.

There are also important fests celebrated in honour of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in October.

How to get to Teseguite






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