Lanzarote’s tradition and tourism come together in Tinajo. The past and present of the region are reflected in the quality of the agricultural products on sale at the market. Nature lovers will also find their place here, with routes through the Timanfaya, and surfers, thanks to the proximity of La Santa, only ten minutes away by car.

Where is Tinajo?

Tinajo, marked by its volcanic past, is a municipality in the central west of the island of Lanzarote. It is home to the Timanfaya National Park (shared with the municipality of Yaiza) and other tourist attractions which make it very popular among local, international, and sporting tourists.

What to see in Tinajo

Tinajo has a wide range of activities to do and sites to see.

  • Plaza de San Roque: in the heart of the town of Tinajo, beside the Town Hall and the church which have the same name, that of the patron saint of the town.
  • Caldera Blanca: in the centre of Lanzarote is Caldera Blanca, a 6km wide crater where you can marvel at the amazing volcanic landscape.
  • Traditional market: this is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is held every Saturday morning. Each week at Mancha Blanca, a traditional farmers’ market is held where you can try different traditional produce, with dairy products and local pastries.
  • Los Dolores Shrine: in the town of Mancha Blanca is a shrine dedicated to the Virgin of Los Dolores, the patron saint of the island. Built in 1781, this shrine is a place to honour the patron saint.
  • La Santa: this coastal town is known to tourists for El Quemao wave, one of the island’s most well-known surf spots.
  • Guiguan Viewpoint: when heading up to Mancha Blanca, towards the south of the town, you can find the Caldera de Guiguan where you can enjoy some truly unbeatable views.
  • El Cuervo Volcano: head into the cauldron of the volcano, following a simple footpath which takes you all the way around.



The best food in Tinajo

The small town of Tinajo has a wide variety of food available based on Lanzarote’s strong traditions. In any town or city on Lanzarote you’ll be able to enjoy a range of fish specialities, such as the Mediterranean parrotfish. You can also try a range of dishes made with goat meat, a traditional food which is eaten around Christmas. Salmorejo rabbit and sweet almond pie are two other local traditional dishes which are both tasty and simple. Of course, in Tinajo you can also find papas arrugadas and local Lanzarote wine.

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Shopping in Tinajo

In Tinajo you can find a range of different shops where you can get anything you need whether it be for your daily shop or a little souvenir.

Climate in Tinajo

Tinajo has a warm climate, with hot, humid and clear summers, with a temperature that ranges from 15ºC to 30ºC. The coldest time of year is from December to March, with an average temperature that drops below 20ºC.

Local fests in Tinajo

In Tinajo, there are different fests celebrated, such as:

  • The festival of Pilar: On 12th October there is a celebration in the name of the Virgin of Pilar, whose main place of worship on the island of Lanzarote is the Pilar shrine in “El Cuchillo”.
  • The festival of Los Dolores: This is one of the island’s most popular traditional fests. It is celebrated on the 15th September each year.
  • The festival of San Roque: This is celebrated on 16th August in Tinajo.
  • The festival of Carmen: This is celebrated in the coastal village of La Santa on 16th July, it is a big celebration full of seaside traditions.

How to get to Tinajo?






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