With a long agricultural tradition, in Yé you can enjoy some of the best wines of Lanzarote. Its landscapes are some of the most untouched in the north of the island and they have countless routes for walking and cycling. It is also just a few kilometres from Órzola, the only port that gives access to La Graciosa.

Where is ?

Yé is a small town in the north of Lanzarote, belonging to the municipality of Haría. This population center is located on the slopes of the La Corona volcano, one of the most important natural monuments in Lanzarote. In this town you can savor a good barbecue of locally produced meat, a glass of Lanzarote wine and the most spectacular views of the most unspoiled rural areas of the island. That is why the Asador de la Corona is well known among Lanzarote residents and tourists. What are you waiting to visit it?

What to see in ?

  • La Corona Volcano: Emblematic volcanic building on the island and of great geological, landscape and natural importance. If you want to discover one of the best known routes following the lava paths of the La Corona Volcano, you will be interested in knowing everything about the town of Yé. On the trails that ascend to the crater of the volcano, you will be surprised how life is born among lava, with a great variety of endemic flora and lichens growing, to give rise to a unique landscape. This trail is of low difficulty so you can access it with children if you wish.
  • Besides that, near the volcano is the beautiful church of the town in honor of San Francisco Javier and its square. There you can enjoy the tranquility that this town emanates under the watchful eye of the spectacular volcano.


Enjoy in Yé


The best food in

In this village you can enjoy a suculent roast meat with locally sourced, marinated with a glass of Lanzarote’s wine, also a long-standing tradition in the region. Asador La Corona is one of the top-rated restaurants on the island due to its quality, so you can’t miss the chance to try its spectacular meats.


Shopping in

This small town has very useful stores to buy food or drinks, necessary for car trips, trails or picnics in the mountains. There you will find high quality local products.

Weather in

Due to the geographical situation of the town, the temperatures differ a lot between day and night: The temperature during the day is warm while at night it drops considerably, being an average of 18-2ºC. Rainfall is relatively abundant in the first months of the year.

Festivities in

This northern town celebrates the festivities of San Francisco Javier the first fortnight of November. However, there is no better plan in Yé than to enjoy a good meal with your loved ones surrounded by this natural setting in one of the restaurants that you can find there. Meat is the undisputed protagonist of its dishes, while wine cannot be absent either.

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