They say that there are places you have to see at least once in your life. And one of these spots is Los Charcones, a jewel in Lanzarote’s crown.

What is Los Charcones?

Los Charcones are some beautiful natural pools which are considered to be one of Lanzarote’s best kept and most magical secrets.

It is a hidden little haven, far from the tourist trails, where visitors can disconnect, recharge, relax, and enjoy their surroundings.

They are a spectacle of nature whose sumptuous orographic forms are the result of years of volcanic activity.

Some of the pools are shallow and ideal for a relaxing swim in their turquoise waters. Others are deeper for those who fancy jumping in.


Where is Los Charcones?

Los Charcones is a unique natural setting located on the southeast coast of Lanzarote, just five minutes by car from the touristic Playa Brava.

The pools are spread along two kilometres of coast, between the north side of the Pechiguera lighthouse and the Janubio Salt Flats.

You’ll find this hidden paradise by an abandoned hotel, a building from the 1970s which is in complete contrast to the wonders you’ll find the other side.


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