The town of Haria, also known as the town of a thousand palm trees, is one of the most special places on Lanzarote. This is not just down to its beauty, but also the legend it has: the Witch of Haria.

What is the Witch of Haria?

The Witch of Haria is the name given Haria, as when looking over the town from the viewpoint above, especially at night, it appears to have a very peculiar shape: that of a witch sat on her broomstick. Sceptics will say that it is just a coincidence, but others say that Haria has some kind of enchanting magic.

Where is the Witch of Haria?

The Witch of Haria is formed by the perimeter of the town which goes by the same name, Haria. It is in the north of the island and is popular among tourists and islanders due to its striking beauty.

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