One of the most intriguing places in Lanzarote. It tell us Lanzarote’s origins and is considered to be one of the most important patrimonial sites in the Canary Islands, the Yacimientos de Zonzamas, which are the preserved ruins from the island’s first settlers.

What is the Yacimientos de Zonzamas?

The Yacimientos de Zonzamas is an indigenous archaeological ensemble from the 5th Century and is considered to be one of the most important in the Canary Islands.

The history of Lanzarote’s origins is reflected in these ruins, and you can enjoy a guided tour of the route with a small group to see the remains of this settlement.

You’ll see an impressive dairy, several cave houses, the Cueva de los Majos, and the Palacio de Zonzamas. They all date back to the times of the first settlers on the island.

Engravings, ceramics, hunting knives, and even animal bones tell us how the Majos used to live. These were the indigenous people of Lanzarote.

Where is Yacimientos de Zonzamas?

Yacimientos de Zonzamas can be found in a valley which bears the same name, it is a solitary settlement with five semi underground buildings, partially surrounded by a stone wall.

The remains of this ancient town, the purpose of which we are unaware, are located in the island’s central plain, a few kilometres from the town of Teguise.

This place is located between Caldera de Zonzamas and the Montaña de Maneje, between the municipalities of Teguise, Arrecife, and San Bartolome.

How to get to Yacimientos de Zonzamas

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