Did you know…? Lanzarote was one of the islands most prone to pirate invasions following the discovery of the Americas. Incredible, right? This island resisted pirate invasions and attacks with a population that always fought to protect its land from the thefts and pillaging of the pirates. 


As part of this resistance the Santa Bárbara fortress was built on the Guanapay volcano. This was the hub of the island’s defences and today hosts an exhibition showing the history and quirks of Lanzarote, and particularly, of Villa de Teguise, which was the old capital of the island.

What to see at the Pirate Museum

From finding out how Teguise’s was a focal point of Lanzarote life in the past to discovering the details of the major pirate invasions which marked the island’s history, here you can also see the stories of some of the world’s most infamous pirates. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Find out for yourself and visit this unique museum where you can find out about the history, work ethic, and resistance of the people of Lanzarote.

Santa Barbara Castle

As we have said, the Pirate Museum is inside the old Santa Barbara Castle, a beautiful specimen of architecture which dates back to the Middle Ages, and a place where you can discover the history of the islanders’ forefathers. Discover the story behind this magical and unbelievable setting, piece by piece.

Rates and opening hours of the Pirate Museum

Visiting the Pirate Museum is a popular choice for tourists visiting Lanzarote. This is due to the unique stories told and artefacts within its walls, as well as the very fair admission price: tickets cost 3 euros for the general public and 1.80 for Canary Island residents.


The opening times depend on the time of year, with the museum opening its doors every day of the year except for 25th December and the 1st and 6th of January. 


Summer hours (July, August, and September): Monday to Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 16:00.


Winter hours (every other month): Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 16:00 and Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 16:00.


Note: The museum is temporarily closed. Subscribe to our newsletter in order to be informed of future changes.

What to eat at the Pirate Museum

If you want to make a day of it when visiting the Pirate Museum and would like something to eat after, we recommend that you visit the museum in the morning to then enjoy lunch in Teguise, the oldest town in Lanzarote. Discover the island’s typical flavours in the various restaurants located in the oldtown.

How to get to the Pirate Museum

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