Have you ever tried a wine from Lanzarote? You can’t leave this beautiful island without trying its local wine and seeing inside one of its most iconic bodegas: the El Grifo bodega. Here, built on volcanic lava, is the heart of the area’s wine production, with years of experience in wine crafting. Don’t miss out!

What to see at the Lanzarote Wine Museum?

Let’s toast with a glass of Lanzarote wine after visiting its Wine Museum. Would you like to join us? Make a note of three things that that are a must-see on your visit to this tourist attraction.

Wine Museum

The main attraction is the Museum, where you can discover how the wine was made before and how it is made now. During your tour of the different rooms you will discover plenty of facts and stats that you may not have known about wine production.

The Wine Museum’s Vineyards.

You cannot visit the Wine Museum without visiting its surrounding vineyards. Enjoy a walk around the vines and find out all there is to know about the grapes and how these are turned into one of the world’s favourite drinks.

The El Grifo bodega

Do you want to find out more? Venture into the El Grifo bodega, one of the oldest in the Canary Islands. There you will find out even more about wine production and you’ll be able to sample different varieties. This is a great place to end your tour. Don’t forget to taste your wine!

Museo del Vino
Museo del Vino
Museo del Vino
Museo del Vino

Wine Museum Rates and Opening Times

If you are going to visit the El Grifo Wine Museum, there is plenty of flexibility. It is open every day, including holidays, from 10:30 to 18:00. There are two guided tours (11:00 and 16:00), in different languages. It is best to book your tour beforehand and to specify the time and language that you want your tour in.


Museum admission for general public: 4 euros

Museum admission for Canary Island residents: 2 euros

Guided tour of museum and bodega: 15 euros.

Eating at the Wine Museum

Have you got a bit peckish during your visit to the Wine Museum? You’re in luck. This attraction offers its visitors a place to replenish and recover before continuing on with their holiday. It is called the El Grifo Wine-Bar, which is open Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 18:00.

How to get to the Wine Museum?

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