Excursions in Haría

The municipality of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, has a special climate that makes its landscapes much greener than in the rest of the island. For this reason, Haría is one of the key places to enjoy excursions and surprising routes through the local flora.

The best rated excursions in Haría


Due to its microclimate, Haría offers a wide variety of landscapes in which to enjoy the beauty of nature. From its green valleys to the turquoise rocky beaches originated by the natural power of water and lava.

In addition, the municipality has several excursions and tourist attractions that you should not miss. 


The best excursions in Haría

The nature of Haría is almost indescribable. One of the obligatory excursions is the well-known Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees, which can be contemplated from the Mirador de los Helechos, with a great variety of tropical and endemic species such as cactus or tuneras. Another of the most spectacular panoramic views of the municipality is from the Mirador de Haría, also known as Mirador de Malpaso, which is another magical place to enjoy the valley.

If you prefer maritime nature, the beach of La Cantería is a golden sandy beach away from the hustle and bustle of the urban center. Due to its waves, it may not be the best place to enjoy a swim, but it is the perfect place to walk and enjoy nature. 

A more cultural excursion in Haría is to visit the Museum of César Manrique, which was the artist’s last residence.