Museums and Monuments in Lanzarote

When talking about Lanzarote, it is common to just think about its beaches and volcanoes, but it is an island packed full of tradition and has had civilizations living there for over six centuries. The diverse richness of the Lanzarote islanders is reflected in the monuments and museums, with a wide variety of culture and art, without failing to mention the acclaimed artist César Manrique, of course.

The best museums and monuments in Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote has a wide range of museums and monuments for visitors to enjoy. The island’s key figure is César Manrique, whose imagination created some of the island’s most prominent architectural sites and landscapes. 

Without a doubt, the most revered of these is the Jameos del Agua. Utilising the volcanic tunnel formed by one of La Corona’s last eruptions, the artist designed a unique cultural and touristic complex unlike any other in the world. It is a space that is combined with the Cueva de los Verdes. Six kilometres of underground chambers that you have to see to believe.

A little further south, in Guatiza, the same artist designed another of his famous creations which is also a cultural and touristic centre. The Cactus Garden offers up a completely different experience to that mentioned previously. 


Lanzarote’s most cost effective museums and monuments.

While César Manrique is undoubtedly one of Lanzarote’s most prized treasures, it is not all about him. The island also has other equally charming sites where you can discover some of its fascinating secrets. For example, the Santa Bárbara Castle, located at the top of the volcano beside Teguise. It was renovated and is now home to the Pirate Museum. If you are more of a fan of modern art, you can also visit the Contemporary Art Museum, where you can see the works of great artists such as Picasso, Tàpies, and Miró.