Excursions in Órzola

Órzola es un pequeño pueblo costero al norte de Lanzarote. Conocido, entre otros muchos motivos, por ser uno de los puntos desde donde coger el barco hacia La Graciosa, Órzola será otro de los puntos indispensables a la hora de hacer excursiones por Lanzarote. 

Top rated excursions in Órzola

In the port of Órzola you will discover a wide variety of maritime excursions with which to explore the coast of Lanzarote. In addition, from Órzola you can take the boat that goes to the island of La Graciosa, the closest island to Lanzarote. 

In addition, both in Órzola itself and in the surrounding area you can discover an endless number of nature excursions and a wide range of leisure activities. 


The best excursions in Órzola

In the town of Órzola you can enjoy the magic of nature in different places such as the Cave of Órzola, with abrupt stone walls or the marshes of Órzola. 

If you prefer to enjoy virgin coves with crystal clear water and no waves, the beaches of Órzola can also be the best place for it: Caletón Blanco, Caleta del Blanco or Los Caletones are very good options. Besides, this excursion to the beach is a very good activity to do with children since any of the three have very calm waters and fine sand. 

Naturally, in Órzola you cannot miss a visit to its popular harbor, a good place to book a boat excursion to the island of La Graciosa. As for restaurants, Órzola will also be a very good place to enjoy a gastronomic experience featuring fresh fish and rich flavors.