Visit the wineries of Lanzarote

A visit to the wineries of Lanzarote can be an ideal plan for your holidays. If you want to know everything you need to know to organise your trip, don't miss out on what we have to say below!

When is the best time of year to visit Lanzarote’s wineries?

With the arrival of summer, the wineries prepare for the start of the grape harvest. The best time to visit Lanzarote’s wineries is between mid-June and mid-October. This way you can see all the work that goes into producing the delicious wines of the island.

Do I have to book in advance to visit a winery in Lanzarote?

A visit to Lanzarote’s wineries is a very exclusive experience for small groups, so it is necessary to book in advance in order to participate in this activity on the date of your choice.

Which wineries in Lanzarote offer wine tasting?

There are several options for visiting Lanzarote’s wineries. In general, most of them offer wine tastings so that you can not only see the work that goes on in their facilities, but also check the quality and taste of their wines.

Bodega Erupción, Bodega El Grifo, Bodega Barreto, Bodega La Geria or Bodega Finca Fajardo are some of the wineries that will allow you to taste their wines during your visit to the wineries of Lanzarote.

How much does it cost to visit a winery in Lanzarote?

Depending on the type of visit you make to the wineries in Lanzarote, the price may vary. A visit to a single winery is not the same as a visit to several, nor is an individual visit the same as a group visit.

Among the options you can find to rent your visit to the wineries of Lanzarote, you have prices ranging from 15 to 80 euros, approximately.

Are there any wineries in Lanzarote that offer accommodation?

Most of the wineries on Lanzarote do not offer accommodation for visitors. Generally, the excursions include a walk through the vineyards, a visit to the wineries in Lanzarote and a wine tasting, as well as transport, but it is unusual for the price to include the option of staying in accommodation in the area.

Can I buy wine directly from the wineries in Lanzarote?

Of course you can! A visit to the wineries of Lanzarote is not only an opportunity to learn how the wines of the island are made or to taste the quality of these wines. If you like them, you can buy or order bottles.

What other attractions can I enjoy near the wineries of Lanzarote?

When you visit the wineries in Lanzarote, you enter the area of La Geria, which offers some of the most spectacular scenery on the island. You can’t leave without seeing the vines growing in the cones carved out of the volcanic ash, the contrast of colours is a spectacle!

What’s more, if you go to this enclave, you can also get to know the Timanfaya National Park, one of the must-sees on any visit to Lanzarote.

If you like hiking, you can discover the Los Naturalistas cave, a 1,600-metre-long grotto where you can see small lava needles coming out of the ceiling.

When planning your visit to Lanzarote’s wineries, you can also book other excursions in the surrounding area, as the natural environment in this part of the island is breathtaking. Get to know the most emblematic volcanoes and enjoy outdoor activities that go beyond sun and beach tourism (which is also compatible with this plan).