Experiences In Arrecife

Arrecife is the capital of the island of Lanzarote, a small city where you can find all the comforts you need without losing that island vibe. It is also the perfect place to experience the island and to visit the tourist attractions dotted around Lanzarote.

The best rated experiences in Arrecife

Arrecife oldtown offers a wide array of activities. In the heart of the city you will find the San Ginés Church and the famous Charco de San Ginés, a must-see for visitors. 

On your visit to Arrecife you can also see the run aground Telamon ship, just the other side of the San Gabriel Castle, a fortress in the middle of the city which is now home to the Arrecife History Museum.

If you are looking for cultural and artistic experiences, another museum worth visiting in Arrecife is the International Museum of Contemporary Art at the San José Castle, located in the old military fortress of San José.

If you are looking for some relaxation in Arrecife you can also sunbathe at Playa del Reducto.


The best experiences in Arrecife

Arrecife is the perfect place to enjoy sporting activities such as kitesurfing or windsurfing thanks to its strong winds over the summer months. Whereas in winter, the sea conditions are better for surfers.

If you like to walk or cycle, you can easily do so through the city’s streets or trails which start in Arrecife and lead to different places all over the island, all connected via a network of footpaths which are separate to the roads.