Ceramics In Lanzarote

Ceramics have been an important part of Lanzarote’s craft traditions for centuries. If you are visiting the island and want to take a souvenir back with you, you can find some really beautiful pieces at the best pottery places in Lanzarote. See where here.

The best pottery and decoration shops in Lanzarote

The most well-known ceramic figures in Lanzarote are the Novios del Mojón, and the best place to find these is in the town in Mojón itself, in the locality of Teguise, where else?

There you’ll find different ceramic and souvenir shops where you find the island’s most famous couple.

Another typical place where tourists like to look for Lanzarote’s traditional crafts is at the Campesino House Museum, in San Bartolomé, where you can find out the secrets and facts behind the island’s artisan traditions. 

If you’re lucky enough to be in the island’s capital on a Saturday, head to the Arrecife Tourist and Craft Market, in the Plaza de las Palmas, just by the San Ginés church and the townhall. There you will find an interesting array of typical Lanzarote ceramics. There are also plenty of shops there where you can find a souvenir to take home with you.

In fact, at any of the tourist hotspots in Lanzarote you’ll find ceramic shops where you can buy a beautiful little and local souvenir of your holiday. The Sunday market in Teguise is an ideal spot, but there are also plenty of options around the beaches of Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca. 

Lanzarote’s ceramic traditions are so well rooted that there are even pottery workshops where tourists can learn the basic techniques to this craft. Another great option if you fancy it!