Craft workshops In Lanzarote

Handicrafts in Lanzarote continue to be made in a traditional way in many places, especially in small villages that maintain the same essence as always. In addition, handicrafts have become a cultural attraction for tourists looking for the particularity of the island's art.

In addition, for both tourists and locals, there is a wide variety of craft workshops with which to learn how to make some of the most representative craft products of the island. 


The best handicraft workshops in Lanzarote 

The island of Lanzarote periodically offers different workshops to learn how to make handicrafts, textile products, ceramics, pottery and even local products of the area. 

For example, in Casa Museo del Campesino they offer workshops where you can live a complete local experience with artisans of the area. Depending on the season, you can find a wide variety of craft workshops: from learning how to make natural soaps to cochineal dyeing, hat making or traditional Canarian pottery. 

The different socio-cultural centers of the island, such as the one in Punta Mujeres, offer in their monthly agendas different craft workshops with which to learn, at a very good price, some of the most authentic crafts of the island such as rosettes or the traditional treatment of textiles. 


The cheapest handicraft workshops in Lanzarote

If you want to learn the typical crafts of the island, you will have no problem finding different specialized workshops. In fact, each town or city has different public spaces where, on a monthly basis, they offer trainings, courses and workshops in which you can learn the popular craftsmanship with the best professionals of the island. 

In addition, most of them are partly subsidized by the Cabildo of Lanzarote and therefore the prices range between 3 and 8 €.