Diving In Lanzarote

Regardless of your diving level, Lanzarote is the perfect place to enjoy the best dives in an idyllic location. Always accompanied by the best instructors, you can discover the impressive underwater world of a volcanic island teeming with marine life, just like Lanzarote. Come and discover what lies beneath the waters of this beautiful Canary Island!

Regardless of your diving experience, Lanzarote is the perfect destination to enjoy stunning dives in an idyllic setting. You’ll be able to discover the impressive seabed of the volcanic island of Lanzarote with a rich array of marine life, always in the company of the best instructors. 


The best diving in Lanzarote 

Lanzarote has the perfect seabed for any type of diving. Lanzarote also has a stable temperature throughout the year, with excellent underwater visibility of up to almost 40 metres deep. That and much more is why Lanzarote is considered by many as one of the best places to dive on earth. Some noteworthy spots are:

  • Veril de los Fariones: this dive is perfect for those with an intermediate diving skill as it is one of the steepest drops by the coastline. This underwater cliff is a vertical wall packed full of marine life. The perfect place to spot migratory species and other creatures such as turtles, dolphins, and devil fish. 
  • La Burrera: this is one of the most famous dives on the island and is rated by many as one of the best in all of the Canary Islands. It is a kind of rocky maze where you can see a wide variety of local species. The seabed is also completely covered in seaweed which helps to create a unique underwater forest. 
  • Agujero Azul: if you’re in Puerto del Carmen, this is one of the most famous diving spots in the area. The reason behind its name (“Blue Hole”) is due to the types of tunnels that connect the sandy area with the water’s edge. Diving through these you can see stingrays, manta rays, monkfish ,and seahorses that appear from between the rocks, small caves, and different crevasses. 


 Cost effective diving tours in Lanzarote

The price of diving tours in Lanzarote depends on the type of dive and the diving centre organising the tour. You should also bear in mind that the price may be higher as you have to hire the equipment. 

Remember that in Lanzarote there are four main diving areas (Chinijo Archipelago, Northeast Coast, Playa Blanca, and Puerto del Carmen), so if you are interested in diving we recommend you ask about one of these four tourist destinations on the island to compare prices.