Flyboard In Lanzarote

Flyboard is a water sport that has become a global trend, and it is hugely popular in Lanzarote. If you are looking to enjoy this activity on the island here are the best places to flyboard in Lanzarote.

The best flyboard options in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote there are a wide range options to learn how to flyboard and enjoy this exhilarating sport. Plenty of companies have some amazing offers for you to enjoy this activity in some truly stunning surroundings.

Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen are the best places to flyboard in Lanzarote because, due to them being popular tourist destinations, there is a wider and more varied range of options.

There are also options to “fly” above the water for twenty minutes, half an hour, or one hour, all priced accordingly. For example, the companies Sunbonoo and Canco, and even Civitatis and Aladinia all offer these types of activities. 

Cost effective flyboarding in Lanzarote

The companies Sunbonoo and Yumping have a variety of well priced options to enjoy flyboarding in Lanzarote.

Other companies offering group tours and activities including flyboarding at a competitive price in Lanzarote are H2O Sport and Manawa. The majority of their packages are aimed at smaller groups, meaning that you can enjoy this activity even more so. Additionally, the first class is often available in another language, be it English or French, which is another benefit for foreign tourists.Flyboarding in Lanzarote is one of the most popular activities among those looking for a little bit of adventure on their holiday. That’s why there are so many companies offering this activity on the island. A lot of these companies even include transport to and from your hotel.