Sea Trek In Lanzarote

Enjoy unique experiences on the island of volcanoes. In we have unforgettable experiences that will make you live in Lanzarote in a unique way.

The best Sea Trek options in Lanzarote

Experience the sensation of walking under water and seeing the wide array of sea life in Lanzarote’s waters. Thanks to Sea Trek you can walk under water with an innovative new system that includes a helmet with a panoramic view. 

Don’t worry, everything is under control! The helmet is connected to a small boat which stays on the water’s surface with an air tank so that you can breathe under water as normal, without any regulators or other inconveniences. 


Cost effective Sea Trek options in Lanzarote

Feel as if you were walking on the moon, but underwater with Sea Trek, available at several places on the island of Lanzarote. Lots of the island’s tourist hotspots, such as Puerto del Carmen, offer this fun packed activity and you’ll be able to see the best prices immediately by asking the different companies at the beach and comparing their prices.