Snorkel In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one big snorkelling paradise for those wanting to discover the wonders of its seabed. You can enjoy this activity throughout the year which is why so many snorkel lovers come to the island to enjoy their favourite activity. Do you want to know where the best places to snorkel in Lanzarote are?

The best places to snorkel in Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote has some incredible beaches to snorkel at where you can marvel at their unique volcanic landscapes. But which are the best?

  • Papagayo Beaches. One of the most beautiful and well known spots to snorkel during your holiday in Lanzarote.
  • Playa Mujeres. This is an extensive area, meaning you will be completely free to enjoy the underwater spectacle away from the crowds.

On occasions, you may have to pay for access to these beaches, in addition to paying the companies offering the activity, but it is definitely worth it due to the pure enjoyment you’ll experience.


Cost effective snorkelling in Lanzarote

As you can imagine, there are some places which are a little off the tourist trail or less well known for snorkelling in Lanzarote, and these are usually cheaper. Some examples are:

  • Playa de Famara. This is a large area below some cliffs, however, sometimes the waves can be a little rough and dangerous meaning snorkelling is not always an option but there is always the option to try out something a little bit more active like surfing or windsurfing.
  • Playa de Caletón Blanco. This spot is a wonderful place to snorkel as a family, it has calm seas and is great for kids so that they can also discover their passion for this exciting water activity. They are going to see a lot of fish!

There are also plenty of other beaches where you can find snorkelling tours in Lanzarote.