Lanzarote is a fantastic destination for all types of surfers. Whether you are a beginner looking to start learning to surf or if you already have experience and are seeking your best waves, the Canary Island is your ideal destination.

There are various factors that make Lanzarote a great surfing destination all year round. It has a warm climate making it much more enjoyable. The wide range of surf spots mean that surfers of all levels can enjoy the activity, and last but not least, its high quality waves and its winds.

The most popular surfing beaches are Playa de Famara for all levels and La Santa and El Quemao for more experienced surfers.


Surfboard hire in Lanzarote

If you don’t have a board or you just don’t want to travel with your board, don’t worry, because in Lanzarote, especially in Famara, you can hire surf boards. 

There are over ten surf stores and surf schools in Famara alone, where you can find a board and hire it per hour or per full day. There are usually a wide range of different boards available: longboards, funboards, and different sizes and shapes of boards.

Some of the surf stores in Famara are: Lanzarote Surf, Red Stars Surf, Surf Canarias, and Lanzarote Surf School, among many others.

In La Santa you can also find boards to hire.

Surfing courses in Lanzarote

If your aim is to learn to surf and improve your technique, Famara is the perfect spot. As previously mentioned, there are a wide range of schools to learn at and you’ll have a great time at all of them. Some schools such as Red Stars Surf or Surf School offer surf camps with accommodation. Over the course of several days you can learn to surf and enjoy the island, if you have enough strength left of course!

For those who are experienced but want to improve their technique, we recommend La Santa Surf Procenter.