Volunteer In Lanzarote

One of the best ways to discover the island is through doing voluntary work in Lanzarote, giving you double satisfaction, combining pleasure with a sense of social consciousness.

The best voluntary work options in Lanzarote

There are different voluntary work options in Lanzarote, but one of the best is related to the conservation of its beaches, which are one of the island’s main attractions.

There are a lot of organisations you can help out, such as  ¡Agüita con el plástico!, which organises beach clean-up activities throughout the year. 

Another organisation dedicated to protecting the environment is Lanzarote Biosfera, which promotes caring for the environment through educational, training, and recreational activities, which all add to the overall enriching volunteer experience. 

You could also join Ecologistas en acción, who focus on the conservation of the National Parks. For example, at the Marine Reserve on La Graciosa, in the Chinijo Archipelago, a place with huge natural, ecological, and scenic value.


Cost effective volunteer work in Lanzarote

Discovering Lanzarote through volunteer work also means you are able to discover the island for a lot cheaper. If you choose to do this through initiatives such as Worldpackers, which promotes exchanges and volunteer work in Spain, you’ll even benefit from free accommodation

There are plenty of people who “pay” for their accommodation by working as volunteers, meaning they are able to discover new places at a very low cost.To find out more about these and other ways of volunteering, there is plenty of information available at the Lanzarote Council. You can find out how to help with the Red Cross, Sara Protectora, Aspercan, Fundación Adsis and other similar organisations, each dedicated to different types of work.