Micro theatre In Lanzarote

If you like a bit of culture, Lanzarote has several theatres where you can enjoy all kinds of productions. Find out the best places to enjoy Lanzarote’s small theatres.

The best small theatres in Lanzarote

Arrecife, as the Lanzarote’s capital, is the place with most theatres on the island. But it is not the only spot where you can enjoy a show. Where are the best theatres in Lanzarote?

  • Teatro Victor Fernández Gopar “El Salinero”. This is in Arrecife and puts on very high level productions. It has very good acoustics, the space has been recently renovated and turned into a trendy spot to enjoy Lanzarote’s theatre scene.
  • TEA. This is also in the capital, and this place offers a high quality alternative theatre space with good acoustics and productions for all ages, there is even a theatre school, if you fancy it.
  • Teatro San Bartolomé. This is found in the town which goes by the same name. It is a small theatre putting on all types of productions, including musicals. It is one of the most emblematic theatres in Lanzarote.


The most cost effective small theatres in Lanzarote

You don’t always have to go to large theatres to enjoy high quality productions. You can also enjoy cheap theatre experiences all across the island of Lanzarote. For example…

  • Teatro Municipal de Tías. This place makes a huge effort to put on innovative and high quality productions, with theatrical, musical, and dance shows.
  • Teatro Municipal de Teguise. This place also hosts all types of different shows, with small budgets but great innovations and stunning productions.

If you want to enjoy the theatres and small theatres of Lanzarote there are plenty of options, especially in touristic areas such as Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen.