Leisure In San Bartolomé

San Bartolomé is a small town in the interior of the island of Lanzarote. It is one of the smallest municipalities so you can imagine that it is also one of the quietest. But don’t think it's a place without life or anything to do. Here we recommend some of the best plans for leisure activities in San Bartolomé that you can do during your holiday.

The best rated activities in San Bartolomé

The surroundings, close to the volcanic mountains of Timanfaya, make San Bartolomé an ideal place for rural tourism. In fact, it has a good selection of rural houses to stay in. This also means that quiet plans are the best rated in San Bartolomé among visitors. For example?

You can also do some interesting excursions from San Bartolomé, such as a visit to César Manrique’s Monumento al Campesino or Playa Honda with its pretty promenade.


The best plans in San Bartolomé

San Bartolomé is known principally for where the airport is on Lanzarote. But, as we have said, life away from the aerodrome is quite calm. So a good plan for leisure in San Bartolomé is to enjoy the exquisite local gastronomy.

We suggest, for example, eating at the Casa-Museo del Campesino restaurant which is very close by. Or at the well-known Casa Tere restaurant, located in Playa Honda, just a few kilometres away.

Of course, the best plans in San Bartolomé are those that allow you to enjoy the surroundings in a relaxed manner.