Theaters In Lanzarote

Theatre plays an important role in the culture and life of Lanzarote. In fact, the island is home to several theatres which all have a packed schedule of productions, concerts, and shows. 

The best theatres in Lanzarote

The municipal theatres, as well as others such as the CIC El Almacén, are just a few good spots if you are looking to take in some theatre while on the island. 

  • Teatro Victor Fernández Gopar “El Salinero”: the Teatro Víctor Fernández Gopar, more commonly known as “El Salinero”, is a space that is dedicated to hosting cultural events to do with the arts and music. 
  • Teatro de San Bartolomé: this has a packed schedule that is constantly being updated to offer a wide variety of events for all audiences. It is located at Plaza León y Castillo, in San Bartolomé.
  • El Almacén: this is a cultural space that plays host to alternative types of art. The space has exhibition halls, a cinema, multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, and even a bar. 


Cost effective theatres in Lanzarote

If you are looking for a cheap night out at the theatre in Lanzarote, we recommend taking a look at the cultural line-ups at some of the municipal theatres. For example:

  • Teatro Municipal de Tías: this belongs to the Tías Townhall’s Culture Council and hosts both music concerts and theatre shows.
  • Teatro Municipal de Teguise: this building was constructed in 1825 as a space to hose theatre productions. The Teatro Municipal de Teguise was renovated and updated in 1995 in order to be able to offer more cultural events and comfort to its audiences.