Virtual reality In Lanzarote

Virtual Reality has become a highly popular leisure activity of late, as it creates scenes and items that appear to be completely real. The technology used helps to create environments in which users feel fully immersed. Where can you find virtual reality spaces in Lanzarote?

The best virtual reality spaces in Lanzarote

One of the most popular places to enjoy the virtual reality experience is at Aquapark de Costa Teguise. At this water park visitors can enjoy some truly unique experiences through Cyberduck VR.

Up to four people can take part at one single time and they can go on an expedition together, play, or compete with each other. It allows for users to fly, dive to the bottom of the sea, shoot zombies, and fight with lightsabres.

Prices vary based on how long users want to enjoy the experience or if they also want an entry ticket to the park. But it is well worth the experience!


Cost effective virtual reality options in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is also home to Infinity VR, which offers video games and virtual reality leisure and educational activities.

It is a company that provides virtual reality activities for special events, such as birthdays, weddings, communions, etc.

The service can be hired and there are plenty of fun activities to be enjoyed such as a virtual reality 3D painting workshop or VR Sports championships. More and more people are wanting to enjoy these activities because they are fun and do not require too much money.

The aim is to offer innovative and alternative ways for Lanzarote’s youngsters to have fun. Because virtual reality is ever evolving!