Where to Eat In Caleta de Famara

Caleta de Famara is one of the places that is causing more sensation in Lanzarote, as it has become very trendy, especially in recent years. Its incredible beach under the cliff and its surfing atmosphere, make this area a very special place. Surely after a session of beach or surf you will return hungry to the village and you will want to choose a good place to have lunch or dinner.

Most popular places to eat in Caleta de Famara 

Canarian cuisine is recognized worldwide for its high quality and in Famara, you can find many restaurants that are committed to local food. The main dishes are based on meats, fish, rice and seafood of great quality at very affordable prices.

Some of the most highly rated restaurants of Canarian and national food are: Costa Famara Restaurant, to enjoy a good rice with unbeatable views of the beach and the Risco, El Risco Restaurant, famous for its fish and views or La Caleta Gastro Food, where you will enjoy a unique Canarian flavor experience.

More international or modern options can be found at La Mar Café. Here, you can enjoy a delicious brunch inside this eye-catching restaurant or enjoy dinner on the terrace.  

If you are looking for something more exclusive, with fine cuisine and a beautiful place to enjoy your drink, food and sunset, we recommend Dunas de Famara. The restaurant is quite amazing, although it is not suitable for all budgets.

For burger fans, Hamburgueseria is the perfect place to enjoy a burger. Tasty and cheap.

Last but not least, we cannot forget the vegan options. The best rated vegan restaurant is El Sibarita.


Eat cheaply in Caleta de Famara

To eat at a cheaper price, the best option is to eat at the Teleclub of Famara. The teleclubs are municipal centers where the locals of the area meet for recreational activities, eat and hang out together. Don’t let their cheap prices confuse you with their culinary quality. In the Teleclubs, and the one in Famara in particular, you can find delicious Canarian food of great quality with local products.