Confectionery / Bakeries In Lanzarote

Finding tasty bread, full of flavor and made the traditional way seems to be getting harder and harder. As for pastries, prefabricated products do not contain the essence of the artisan cakes we have been buying for years.  However, in Lanzarote you can find a wide variety of bakeries and pastry shops where you can enjoy the same traditional taste. Below we tell you everything you need to know about bakeries and pastry shops in Lanzarote. 

The best bakeries in Lanzarote

Some of the best bakeries in Lanzarote are: 

  • Horno de Pan Tías

It is one of the biggest bakery emblems of the island. Manufactured in an artisan way, the Rodriguez family has been preparing bread since 2009 in a careful and “slow fire” way. Among its varieties, the “pan payés” and the “hogaza” stand out. In this bakery you can also find wholemeal breads, seeds breads, white breads, Galician breads, and more.

  • Panadería de Soo

Located in San Juan Evangelista street, the Panadería de Soo stands out for its sponge bread, a really delicious option to serve alongside meals. It also offers less traditional options such as spelt, Nordic, chia or rye bread. 

  • Bell Pan

This is one of the best known bread boutiques in Arrecife. They offer a wide variety of breads and buns made by hand in their own bakery every day. Their bread stands out for its freshness, the sourdough and the double fermentation process with which it is made. It also offers different breads from around the world.


The best pastry shops in Lanzarote

You can enjoy handmade sweets at the following bakeries:

  • Panadería El Pilar

Aniseed cakes, gofio, mimos, mami buns, fried orange cakes…in this bakery you will find a wide variety of handmade sweet products. 

  • Dulce Natural

It stands out for having a wide variety of vegan sweets, wholemeal, without dyes or preservatives. In addition, they elaborate specific sweets for different intolerances. 

  • Pastelería Lamontagne

This delicious pastry shop is one of the most recommended in Arrecife for its French-style cakes and pastries.