Where to Eat In Órzola

In the north of Lanzarote, on the northernmost tip of the island, is Orzola. This small urban center acts as a port to go to La Graciosa, but also offers a unique culinary experience.

The small coves blend with the rocks and offer a unique view to enjoy from the terrace of any bar or restaurant. All this without forgetting the breathtaking volcanic landscape that extends to the south of the island.


Most popular places to eat in Órzola

Orzola is not only a passing point. Among its streets you can find places like El Norte. Here you can try, among other specialties, grilled fish while, from the terrace of the enclosure, enjoying the view of Alegranza island.

La Maresía, overlooking the small bay of the village and its fishing port, does not go unnoticed either. In addition to its fresh fish with a touch of gourmet cuisine and special attention to detail, this restaurant also stands out for its fine desserts, especially the gofio mousse.


Eat cheaply in Órzola

Without forgetting the taste of a good homemade dish, in Órzola you can also find slightly more economical options that maintain the essence of the place, as in Casa Marcelo. The cozy decoration matches perfectly with a carefully prepared and traditional cuisine that any guest will enjoy. 

The Puerto Atlántico option is also a safe bet. In addition to its fresh fish, this restaurant offers amazing pizzas that combined with the amazing views of the place makes a perfect combination for an unforgettable lunch.