El Golfo is a small fishing village in the south of Lanzarote, belonging to the municipality of Yaiza and known for its green lake, which is none other than the famous Charco de los Clicos. This is a must when visiting the island, so you will be interested to know where to eat in the area. Where can you find the best restaurant in El Golfo? We can help you find it!

Find the best restaurant deals in El Golfo

Find the best restaurant deals in El Golfo on In our guide we offer you different options where to eat on the island.

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Do you want to know the most popular restaurants in El Golfo?

El Golfo is a coastal town that invites you to enjoy a good meal in one of its restaurants overlooking the sea. And, of course, fish and seafood is the star.

Rice dishes and local dishes such as papas arrugadas con mojo, sancocho, carne de cabrito or caldo de pescado are also delicious. Which restaurant to choose in El Golfo? The options are very varied!

  1. Casa Rafa. The best restaurant in El Golfo for paella by the sea.
  2. Bogavante. Its name gives you a clue as to what to order, as it is prepared in different ways.
  3. Mar Azul Casa Luis. For quality food at a good price, here you will find a varied menu and spectacular views.
  4. El Caletón. Located on the promenade of El Paso beach, this is a good place to enjoy a seafood paella.
  5. Costa Azul. In a very nautical atmosphere, they have menus for the whole family, Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood. What more could you ask for!
  6. Lago Verde. This restaurant in El Golfo has a covered terrace and a very extensive menu, including local dishes such as gofio, a must try dessert in Lanzarote.
  7. Casa Torano. With a simple menu and a very pleasant atmosphere, it will win you over with its variety of dishes and desserts.
  8. Siroco Coffee Shop. Although it is a coffee shop, it has good fish and paella dishes. It is ideal for a quick service.


Where are the cheapest restaurants?

For a cheap restaurant in El Golfo you can also find some tasty options.

  1. El Pescador ‘Casa Barriguita’. Baked fish is their speciality but the menu is quite extensive and can be accompanied by exquisite local wines.
  2. La Lapa. It’s a great place to try the typical Lanzarote cuisine, but if they are famous for anything, it’s their limpets. Don’t leave without trying them!
  3. Marejada. Their fried fish is highly recommended, accompanied by a glass of wine or a local beer. The pleasant atmosphere and the price are other reasons to choose it.
  4. Placido. Seafood, paella… Whatever you order is exquisite, and in a pleasant setting near the sea.


Have you already decided which restaurant in El Golfo to visit during your holidays in Lanzarote?