Paragliding Rollercoaster Flight


We will start off smoothly and gradually increase the adrenaline with super exciting maneuvers! We assure you an impressive experience that will leave you breathless. Book now!

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Immerse yourself in the supreme experience of soaring through the skies as you unravel new sensations and delight in the epic and dazzling views of Lanzarote. This flight will be pure adrenaline!

Book Your Flight

Choose a date that fits your plans and preferences. Complete your personal details to ensure a successful reservation. One day before your flight, you will receive a confirmation message with the exact location and timing.

Get Ready to Enjoy Your Tandem Flight

Meet your pilot at the agreed-upon takeoff location. You will receive a warm welcome from your pilot, who will secure you in the harness and explain how simple taking off is.

Let yourself be carried away and fully enjoy your exciting tandem flight.

Keep in Mind

Once your feet touch the ground again, you will realize the magnificence of this experience. Upload your photos and videos at the end of the day and share this incredible experience with your friends and family.

General Terms and Conditions

The FLY-GUIDE activity is reserved for autonomous paragliding pilots. The paraglider pilot must hold a valid paragliding licence and insurance covering this activity.


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