Escape room Project: Atlantis


Professor Harrison Atlanta, leader of Project Atlantis, unveils the mysteries of Atlantis by discovering a divine trident. He challenges the team to the mission of retrieving it and avoiding the fury of the sea. Book now and be part of the adventure!

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Save Lanzarote from the curse of Poseidon!

In the heart of Project Atlantis, Professor Harrison Atlanta leads a team dedicated to the investigation of lost civilizations and the revelation of their secrets and relics. After returning from a risky mission, the goal was to unveil the mysteries of the legendary submerged city of Atlantis.

Their mission was, apparently, a great success… or at least that’s what we believe. In the depths of the ocean, the professor discovered a secret cave that housed treasures and a gleaming trident. It was said that this trident belonged to Poseidon, the god of the sea and Atlantis, and it was believed to possess divine powers.

Naturally, the professor brought the trident to their base for a more detailed study, but since then, strange events have begun to occur: floods, storms; as if the sea were angry about the loss of the trident.

In an attempt to contain the power of the trident and prevent Lanzarote from being claimed by the sea, the Professor sealed it in a secret hiding place.

Can your team recover the trident and return it to its place of origin before it’s too late?


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