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Immerse yourself in the amazing experience of Hotel Bellevue Aquarius in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote! Experience a vacation beyond the ordinary!

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Welcome to the enigmatic and captivating Bellevue Aquarius Hotel! Here, in the splendid enclave of Puerto del Carmen, on the lush island of Lanzarote, a set of apartments awaits you that defies all conventions. These spaces, designed with an extravagant dose of originality and extravagance, are a living testament to those who crave sun-soaked and salt-kissed holidays. We invite you to embark on a journey of wonder and surprise as you explore our unusual corner of paradise at!

At the heart of this peculiar paradise stand the apartments of the Bellevue Aquarius Hotel. Here, the boundaries of the ordinary blur, and conventional expectations are tossed to the wind. If you’re in search of an exceptional refuge that transcends the mundane, we offer accommodations that challenge all categorization. Whether you dream of a getaway with your family, share laughter and special moments with close friends, or indulge in a romantic experience as a couple, these apartments await you with open arms.

Imagine days of leisure and tranquility in our haven of serenity. Right next to Varadero, a charming fishing village that tells tales of the past, we welcome you to a setting where the sun kisses the sand and the waves sing melodies of eternity. Immerse yourself in the comfort of our apartments, each carefully designed to be a reflection of life’s diversity itself. In our peculiar abode, you’ll find a pool that merges with the Atlantic in a stellar embrace, a children’s area where the laughter of little ones fills the air, and a solarium that challenges the confines of the ordinary.

Our team, composed of individuals who embrace the exceptional, awaits you with genuine smiles and true hospitality. In the restaurant, we invite you to delight your senses with a buffet that celebrates variety and authenticity. If you crave a snack, our snack bar is an oasis of unexpected delights. But that’s not all, as adventure and excitement await at every turn. From animation programs that defy monotony to opportunities to engage in thrilling sports, here you’ll find much more than just ordinary holidays. At, you can immerse yourself in the infinite possibilities that await.

Dare to dream and explore, to embrace the unknown and welcome the strangeness. At the Bellevue Aquarius Hotel, you’ll find not only a place to rest but a universe of wonders waiting to be discovered. From terraces that become gateways to the sea to panoramas that defy logic, this is a destination where the improbable becomes reality.

Look no further, the journey of your dreams awaits just a click away. The Bellevue Aquarius Hotel invites you to release your expectations and embrace the magic of the unknown. Reserve now and discover a new meaning of the word “vacation”!


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BelleVue Aquarius, Calle Teide, Puerto del Carmen, España