Restaurante El Veril in La Graciosa

Discover the authentic gastronomy of La Graciosa at Restaurante El Veril, where sustainability and local charm come together in every bite. Book now and experience a unique culinary adventure on this paradise island.

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El Veril Restaurant in La Graciosa: Where Gastronomy Finds its Essence

Situated on the idyllic island of La Graciosa, El Veril Restaurant stands out as an exceptional gastronomic haven, blending the authenticity of the island with a unique culinary offering.

Discover the Essence of La Graciosa:

At the heart of the restaurant, we strive to capture the true essence of La Graciosa, offering dishes that reflect the richness of its traditions and the freshness of its local ingredients.

Commitment to Sustainability:

In harmony with our surroundings, we are committed to sustainability. Km0 organic food takes center stage, highlighting environmentally friendly and locally grown produce.

The Charm of Km0:

The Km0 gourmet trend defines our menu, where proximity in cultivation not only reduces the carbon footprint but also ensures more authentic and nutritious flavors. The selection comes from small local farms, farmers’ markets, and dedicated producers.

Revitalizing the Community:

More than just a restaurant, we are an active driver of local development. By supporting regional agriculture and local businesses, we contribute to the flourishing of La Graciosa and its community.

Unique and Regenerative Experience:

In every dish, we offer a unique experience where passion and dedication blend with the freshness of local products. The regenerative approach not only benefits our diners but also supports the sustainable development of La Graciosa.

We Invite You to Discover El Veril:

Immerse yourself in an authentic culinary experience in La Graciosa. Restaurante El Veril awaits to offer you not only an exceptional meal but also a piece of the unique charm of this beautiful island. Welcome!


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Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Restaurante El Veril
  • Vendor: Restaurante El Veril
  • Address: Avenida de la Virgen del Mar,93 95
    35540 Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa
    Las Palmas

Product Location

Av. Virgen del Mar, 93, 95, 35540 Caleta del Sebo, Las Palmas, Spain